(VIDEO) ~ Easy Glitter Party Make up Tutorial

Hey my beautiful friends!

I thought it would be a great day to share my way of doing an easy make-up look, which you can wear to any of the parties and it does not have to take a whole lot of time and effort!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.47.12 PM
Have a look at my easy tutorial with lots of tips!

I will list down all the products I have used in the video over here, so it is easy for you all!

Products I used on my face:

• KAT VON D – Laetus
• KAT VON D (Shade & Light)-Lucius
• KAT VON D (Shade & Light)-Saleos and Succubus
• KAT VON D (Shade & Light)-Solas and Lucius
• L’Oreal Gelmatic Liner
• Guerlain – Liquid Eyeliner
• Tarte- Light Camera Action
• Guerlain Grandiose
• Urban Decay – Heavy Metal (Glam Rock)
• M.A.C. – Eye Lash 20
• M.A.C. Refined Golden Bronzer
• Gucci – Cherry Nectar Blush
• M.A.C. – Oh Darling
• M.A.C. Nightingale
• Christian Louboutin-Survivita

Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for watching!

Lots of love till next time,



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