EVO Fabuloso Pro Colour ~ Hair Color review

Hi my Loves!

First of all, Happy New Years to all of you! I hope 2016 will be one of the best for all of us!

FOTD for New Years Eve

I always loved experimenting and playing out with colors ever since I was a kid. So naturally when I grew up, hair coloring was always a lot of fun to me. I’ve done everything with my hair. Let it be just highlights, full hair color, low lights and even ombre. My last hair experiment was doing ombre to my hair at end of 2014. Which I totally love. However, I must admit it was quite a struggle to take care of it. I made sure I used a hair mask during ever hair wash of mine.


So when one of my dearest friend, Carol asked me if I wanted to go for a hair color review I couldn’t say no. After all, it’s been 2 years since I last did my hair so why not?  EVO Fabuloso Pro colour Malaysia was very kind enough to have me to review the hair color for them.

A little background on EVO Fabuloso Pro colour.

EVO Fabuloso Pro colour Is an Australian brand that specailized in creating any hair color you could possibly think of, without damaging your hair. And also is innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity.

evo 10

We went to EIG in Shah Alam. After being greeted by sweet Albee, we had a detailed discussion on what I wanted. I had something in mind along the lines of violet brown. Albee came up with a great idea of just doing my ends and not touching the roots. It was indeed a better idea as it meant less maintance for me too. And also once the color would start fading away, there wouldn’t be just a drastic change in the color of the hair from the roots. So we went for gradient style.

evo 5
Endless possibilities to create any shade you desire


The first step was to bleach my hair. Something I am not a fan of. But I don’t mind it when it’s on the end of the hair only. During this time Carol and I were served with the best tea I’ve had in a long time and some lovely cake. Once the bleaching step with over with, my hair was washed. Next step was to apply the violet – purplish shade to my ends. This step didn’t take long at all. The color was left in my hair for around 30 minutes.

evo 7

evo 8


And voila! I’m done already. Okay by all honesty, it took me quite a few hours that day to get used to the purple hair. But after the few hours, I am totally in love with the color! My entire family and friends loved it on me too! These days I’m totally flaunting the purple hair! The reason why I love it is because it’s not over the top. At night you can hardly see the color but during the day you’ll see the purple for sure!

Freshly coloured!

One greater thing with EVO Fabuloso Pro color is they tend to last around 16 washes depending on the shade. So if you don’t like the color, you can always change up after your 12-16 washes. I have washed my hair around 6 times already, the color has fade out a little bit but that is how it works. It still looks natural as the top part of the bleached hair is coming out as a shade of light brown now. So it looks like the perfect gradient.

evo 6

After a few washes

However, I on the other hand love the color so much that I’m trying to make it my permanent shade for a while at least. One more thing that is totally worth mentioning is that I don’t feel like my hair is dried at all. I still use a mask just because I am used to applying a mask on my ends. However, while they were coloring my hair they told me that the color already has some properties that will help to condition my hair while giving out a radiant color as well. I’ve curled my hair, straightened it and normally blow-dried it and it’s still going strong.

No matter what style it is, always looks great!

I would like to thank Evo Fabuloso Pro color Malaysia, Albee who was there the entire time and help us make a decision and Tonni who did my hair color. That’s all for this post my dear friends.

Lots of love till next time! Xoxo





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