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I am back with yet another haul! Today I’ll be talking about NARS x STEVEN KLEIN collection. As most of you know me by now, whenever a product has a great packaging, I need it!

When I first saw the blush palette I couldn’t resist. I had to get it! If you look at it, the packaging itself is a great piece of art. I don’t think I own anything like this in my entire make up collection.Despair is a beautiful combination of different shades of blushes. I have always loved Nars blushes, but these ones are just more amazing!

nars 6
Blush Palette in Despair

I initially wanted to get “One Shocking Moment” palette. However, that was only available in selected stores in London, and unfortunately isn’t available in Malaysia. So I opted for “Despair”.

One Shocking moment, Source: Google


While I was getting this in London, I saw the lipstick palette in Humoresque, but with the price tag of £130, I didn’t bother to even swatch the colors. However, here in KL it is retailing for RM 470. Which is an amazing price for a set of 5 audacious lipsticks.

nars 9

So I finally decided to get it for myself! And I have no regrets. Audacious lipsticks are one of the most pigmented yet moisturizing lipsticks I own. I have some swatches below!

nars 5
nars 2
nars 3
nars 4
nars 1

So these are the two things I got from the NARS x STEVEN KLEIN collection! It is still available in stores, so run and treat yourself!

nars 8

Thank you for reading! Lots of love till next time! Xoxo










2 thoughts on “NARS x STEVEN KLEIN Haul / Review

  1. Very informative post SomZ! ❤️

    My favourite Audacious lipstick has to be Fanny based on your brilliant review! Can’t wait to try it out myself! ☺️

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