Acuvue Define ~ Define your Beauty

Hi my dearest Friends,

Hope you all are doing well. I remember I was just 8 years old when I was told that I had to wear glasses. And for me it was something I was very shy about but eventually it grew on me. Since I started wearing at such a small age I remember I started wearing contact lenses as early as the age of thirteen. During those days there were only yearly contacts available. As the years flew by, more contacts were launched for monthly, and dailies.

Fast forward to 2015, I only wear dailies contact lenses. I wear specifically Johnson & Johnson 1 day Acuvue Moist contacts lenses. The reason why I prefer dailies is because there are lesser chances of you to get an eye infection, as you are not wearing the same lenses again. Also if anything happens to your lens, you can always get a new one out and wear that.

So when I was recently invited to attend the Acuvue event, I was super excited!


The event took place at Alexis, Gardens Mall. We started by chatting away with our bloggers friends and shared our stories of using contacts lenses.

We were going to have a look at the 1-Day Acuvue Define collection. It is daily wear contact lenses that come in 3 different colors/style.


Before we talk about the different styles, let me share something extremely important. Acuvue Define is introduces a patented wetting technology called LACREON. What this does is, it promises to provides a 20-hours cushion of moisture to keep your eyes hydrated all day long.


Acuvue Define has 3 different styles to choose from. One of the best qualities are they are colored but look so subtle and natural when you wear them. They are designed to give a really natural effect on the eyes with shine that lasts the entire day.

The 3 different styles are:

~ Natural Shine – Dark grey limbal ring with gold shine.

~ Accent Style – Black limbal ring

~ Vivid Style – Brown limbal ring

ad11The effect of each:

~ Natural Shine – Naturally luminous and sparkling eyes.

~ Accent Style – Naturally distinctive eyes

~ Vivid Style – Expressive and Vivacious eyes


Another great quality that Acuvue Define has is, it uses BWIC technology. BWIC stands for Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort. This is a technology where colorants are set between two thin, transparent layers of lens material so that no pigments in contact with the eye.

Acuvue Define at the moment is the only beauty contact lenses that are certified with internationally recognized standards of UV protection.

So in total the best properties Acuvue Define has to give us are:

LACREON Technology + UV Protection + BWIC

Which means we are getting Hyfration + UV + Safety!


So for someone like me, who loves wearing dailies colored contact lenses, it is such a perfect innovation. It not only fulfills my desires to wear such lenses but also is protecting my eyes with the best qualities.

Wearing Acuvue Define in Natural Shine
ad8 vived
       Wearing Acuvue Define in Vivid style

If any one of you are interested, there is a 10 lenses pack available at an introductory price of RM50 per box.


For more information you can visit the website or Facebook page.



Thank you for having us!

Thank you so much for reading! Lots of love till next time! XOXO


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