Christian Louboutin Lipstick ~ Survivita (Review)

Hello once again my beautiful friends!

Today I’ll be telling you all about the Christian Louboutin lipstick which, has been one of the most requested by so many of you!

Before I go into the details, one of the thing that was worth mentioning is I love how it embodies the essence of Louboutin.


Talking about the packaging, it comes in a black cardboard with gold accents. Only the Rouge Louboutin ones are the one that have red accents and not gold. Also Rouge Louboutins are the only one that comes in a black lipstick case and the rest of the shades are in gold lipstick case.


The lipstick itself fits beautifully in the box and very easy to take out and put back. It comes with a black silk pouch, that you can store your lipstick inside when you are on the go. As well as a black tab is attached with the details of the lipstick and what finish it is. There is no information on the lipstick itself.




The lipstick is also comes with a silk ribbon that, can be used later on to wear as a necklace as well. You may use your own chain too if you desire to. Me being a statement necklace lover, I would definitely wear this on myself as a necklace, however, I would be scared about the fact that the lipstick would fall out and I would be left with just the lid of the lipstick. It is too expensive to take such a risk.


Now let’s look at the lipstick itself. There are three finishes of the lipsticks. Each of the different finishes has it own design.

Silky Satin

Sheer Voile

Velvet Matte

I love my matte lipsticks, so I opted for the Velvet Matte finish one. I originally went into the store thinking I would buy the classic Rouge Louboutin. However, since I do have every possible shades of red, I decided to go with something different. I decided on Survivita, which is a pretty Crimson colour, somewhat like a pinkish-red colour.Such a gorgeous colour, I am glad I got this particular colour, as I didn’t have a shade like this in my collection.



It’s very easy to apply, I applied it without any lip liner, and it didn’t bleed or smudge. It glides on smoothly, and is very pigmented. It is very moisturizing as well. One of the properties that really made this a hit product was its longevity. I applied it on before going out for dinner. I had food, talked, and had drinks as well yet the lipstick didn’t wear off. Naturally by the end of the night it did wear off ever so slightly but still looked gorgeous. I would like to mention it did not settle in my fine lines on the lips either. There were no touch ups required.


One of complain I read online was, that the product is really “small” or “tiny”. Let me clarify that, it is not “tiny” by any means. It is almost as big as my hand, it’s a tad bit smaller then my hand.



So this was my over all thoughts about the Christian Louboutin lipstick. Now the big question,

“Is it worth it?”

My answer was and still is “YES”. It is definitely something we all should have at least one in our collection. Not only the packaging is great but also the actual product is what is the best thing! It has to be one of my favorites for the time being! It defiantly one of the most expensive lipstick I own but it has a beautiful luxurious feel to it!


That’s all for now my friends, I hope you found this post informative and fun to read! Lots of love till next time! xoxo


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