Launch of M.A.C Guo Pei ~ Review & MOTD

Hello my beautiful people!

As you may have seen by the title, M.A.C. has launched a new collection on October 1st. It is the M.A.C Guo Pei collection. M.A.C comes out with a luxurious collection every year around this time of the year, before the holiday collections are launched. Last year it was Prabal Gurung. This year it is Guo Pei.

Since it is a luxurious collection, it was predictable it will be an expensive collection. And believe me I think this is one of the most expensive collections I have purchased. But it is completely WORTH every penny.


Now let’s have a look at the collection. The packaging is definitely the main feature. It is a fabric packing, beautiful and so silky! I love the gold touch on every product. While the packaging is beautiful and is considered as a pro, the size of the blush has to be a con. The blush is smaller then what you would normally expect. The beauty powder however is a great size but the price is high too!


Let’s see what did I manage to get. I tried to get one of each item from the collection. I got the beauty powder, blush, eye shadow quad, fluid line, lipstick, lip gloss and the two brushes.


Lets start with the biggest item, which is the beauty powder; I love this because I always set my foundation with a powder. However, this beauty powder can be used either as a face powder or as a highlighter too. It does have shimmer but nothing too over powering. So a little bit would do the job well of setting the foundation and providing a glow to the face as well.



Onto the eye shadow quad. I got Night Sky, I had another option, which was Morning Light. I didn’t get that one as I already have a lot of neutrals and that one had a permanent shade which, I already own. Night sky has different shades of blues. I love the pigmentation and the application of these shadows. M.A.C. eye shadows are one of my favorites.


Fluid line is something I always enjoy using. They can be used for lining your eyes or they can also be used as a primer on your eyes. I got the blue one, which is Blue Fountain. I love lining my eyes with blue eyeliner, just one of my favorite way of giving a pop of color to the eyes when you don’t feel like doing a full face of make up.


Now we should look at the blush. I got Red Water Lily. The blush was something I was the most excited about and it has to be one of my favorite items from the collection. But the size is so tiny! Literally so tiny! I don’t think I own a smaller blush then this. However, the product itself is amazing!



Let’s talk about lip products now. I got a lipstick and a lip gloss. There were 3 options: a red, a nude and a coral shade. I chose the coral shade as I feel like I have the lots of the latter. I got Ethereal Orchid. It’s a lovely every day color for me.


For the lip gloss I got Bright Pink Bouquet. I was little confused about the name because it is more of a coral color then a bright pink. However, it is a beautiful shade that you can wear it on it own or over any color possible.


Last but not least, I got the brushes. I usually don’t buy brushes from limited edition  collections as they are pricier but these two brushes were not only gorgeous but also brushes that I would use everyday.


I got the 129-powder/blush brush. I love this one, so simple yet so effective.The other one is 213-fluff brush. This is a standard small eye shadow brush, it is great for patting on color on the lids. Also can be used for blending.

I have done a MOTD using all of the products from the collection. I have applied the beauty powder with a light hand, love how it gave an over all light glow to the face. The blush definitely has to be the star product, extremely pigmented and blends well smoothly. Wearing Ethereal Orchid on the lips.


For the eyes, I used Sky Night quad. Applied “lidschatten” on the lid, “clove” (permanent color) on the crease, “fard a paupieres” on the outer corners and “Oogschaduw” on the brow bone and inner corners. For under the lashline, I used “ombretto” from inner corners to mid way and continue with “fard a paupiers” till the end of lash line.macgp12Another look I create was using the fluid line in Blue Fountain as an eyeliner. I have used “expensive pink” on the lids, “clove” on the crease and “shroom” on the brow bone and inner corners. For the eyeliner I used “blue fountain”. On the cheeks, with a light hand I’ve applied “red water lilly” blush and last but not least I am wearing ethereal orchid on the lips with a tiny bit of  “bright pink bouquet” in the center of the lips.


I love this look as it is a great look for day make up but gives a pop of color too!


So this is all about the collection my dear friends! I would highly suggest you get these as soon as possible as there is very limited stock.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this useful and enjoyed it as much as I did! Lots of love till next time! xoxox



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