Sophie Paris Malaysia ~ Muslimah Review

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Once again, hope you all are well when reading this. Today is not just any other normal post. It’s about Sophie Paris Malaysia. Let me give you a brief introduction. Sophie Paris is a French brand founded by Bruno Hasson in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sophie Paris focuses on designing and distributing products ranging from clothing, accessories, handbags and even cosmetics. The products are sold through a multi-level marketing scheme, and as a result Sophie Paris is the pioneer of fashion MLM Company in the Indonesian market.

Together Sophie
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Sophie Paris Malaysia was officially launched in January 2012. It is the 5th and largest market ventured by Sophie Paris, Asia’s largest fashion direct selling company. Sophie Paris Malaysia was very kind and generous to send me a huge selection of make up from Muslimah.

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Muslimah is a halal cosmetics range that is easily available now. it is certified as being halal. It is one of the main halal products from Sophie Paris Malaysia.

Lots of goodies!

I have lots of pictures to share along with swatches and different looks you can achieve. So lets get started.   We shall start with most important step in make up, which is the base. You can use foundation in many forms: Liquids, cream, powder or cake. Muslimah has two types of these, Two-way cake and Compact Powder. 13motd I chose to use the “Creamy Natural” two-way cake and “Neutral Sand” compact powder to achieve the look below. I applied the cake first, and then applied my own concealer wherever it was required and finish it off by applying a light layer of the powder.

Before and After

I have to admit that the coverage is pretty good with the two-way cake on it’s own. However, since I have an oily T-zone, I had to set it with the powder. It does last extremely well if you are not going to be out in the sun for too long.   Now for the next set of products, which is my favorite step of the make up! Eye shadows! Muslimah have 4 sets of eye shadows. I have done different looks with each of the quads. I will list all the items I have used in the different looks. 7motd   The first eye shadow quad we will look at is Topaz. This is a great quad for an every day natural looking make up. It has great colors that compliment each other. 10MOTD 1~ Used as the brow highlighter 2~Used on inner corners 3~Used on the crease 4~Used on the lids   Blush: Mixture of both colours from Rose Quartz Lipstick: Salma 1motd   The second eye shadow quad is Emerald. This is the perfect selection of greens. It can be used for both day make up and night make up too. 11MOTD 1~Used under the eyelashes to brighten 2~ Used on the lids 3~Used as the eyeliner over the lashes 4~Used as a transition colours the crease.   Blush: Orange blush from Rose Quartz Lipstick: Rania 2motd   The third eye shadow quad is Jasper. I would say this is the best “at work” make up with a pop of colours. 9MOTD 1~Used as the brow highlighter 2~Used as the base before applying the main colour. 3~Used on the crease and outer corners 4~Used on the lids   Blush: Pink Blush from Rose Quartz Lipstick: Laila 4motd   The fourth quad is Sapphire. This has to be one of my favorites in terms of pigmentation but sadly this quad does have a lot of fallouts. So keep that in mind. I would suggest doing the eye make up first and then applying foundation. This is definitely a quad for night make up or party make up. Also I would like to mention that I used a blue crayon has a primer as I felt it would help to bring out the colours more. 8MOTD 1~Used on inner corners 2~Used under the eyelashes to brighten 3~Used on the outer corners to smoke the look 4~Used on the lids   Blush: My own Lipstick: Zoraya 3motd Next product is the Blush Duo in Rose Quartz. I love the pigmentation. You can use them on their own or mix them to have a great combination on the cheeks. I have used them in the looks above. 12MOTD Last but not least, the lipsticks! Once again, highly recommend these as well. Great colour payment and long lasting too. I would suggest applying two layers of each. 14motd 5motd

Prices of the items:

 Muslimah Two way cake ~ RM 49.00 (WM) RM 53.90 (EM)

Muslimah Compact powder ~ RM 39.00 (WM) RM 42.90 (EM)

Muslimah Duo blusher ~ RM 42.00 (WM) RM 46.20 (EM)

Muslimah Eye shadow ~ RM 42.00 (WM) RM 46.20 (EM)

Muslimah Lipstick~ RM 30.00 (WM) RM 33.00 (EM)

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I will list the website and Facebook page below. Go ahead and check out the latest catalog and order your favorite items now!



They also have a flagship store and cooperate office where the latest fashion trendy fashion shows take place. And if incase any of you are interested to go there, address is below:

A-30-1, Level 30, Tower A, Menara UOA Bangsar,

No 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1,

59000, Bangsar,

Kuala Lumpur.

I would like to thank you Muslimah and Sophie Paris Malaysia for sending me a huge array of great products for review.   Hope you all found this post useful and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing the different types of looks for you all. Lots of love till next time! Xoxo


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