MAC Cinderella, MAC Bao Bao Wan & MAC Toledo – Review

Hey my beautiful people!

Yes it’s another MAC haul, but this time it isn’t just one collection but three collections all at once!


MAC came out with three collections a few weeks ago, however I was out of town so couldn’t get my hands on them. Now finally I have gotten them, cannot wait to share my review about them.


MAC Cinderella, MAC Bao Bao Wan and MAC Toledo all came out together. We will start with MAC Cinderella since I feel like I was most excited for this particular one.

I got myself two products from this collection, the eye shadow palette in “Stroke of Midnight” and the fluid line in “Macroviolet”.

Love the idea of how MAC kept into consideration the selection of the colours since Cinderella was always shown to have a very natural look throughout the cartoon. It’s a beautiful everyday palette. My only disappointment was MAC could have done a better job in having more limited edition shades into the palette. Because five out of six shades are permanent shades from MAC. The only colour that is limited edition is the Stroke of Midnight.



The fluid line I got was extremely smooth and very easy to work with and not to mention, that packaging is super adorable!


The next collection we will look at is the MAC Bao Bao Wan collection. This is the collection I had the least expectation from and trusts me; it’s my favorite collection now!

I am really impressed by the products. I knew all of the lipsticks were very pretty from this collection, but I decided to go with Burmese Kiss. Lovely pigmentation and very different feel to the lipstick packaging as compare to a regular MAC lipstick packaging,


The next thing I got was the beauty powder in Summer Opal. I would highly recommend this product. Even though it says it’s a beauty powder and it can be use it as a face powder but I would strictly use it as a highlighter.



Last but not least the collection I got was the MAC Toledo collection. I picked up three things from this one. I got the eye shadow palette in Bellgreens, the blush in Kindergarten Red and the lipstick in Oxblood.

The eye shadows are very pretty and pigmented colors. Love the fact it comes with a mirror, very helpful.



I was very confused weather I wanted to pick up the blush or not, since online I didn’t find a lot of positive reviews. I have heard people having issue with the pigmentation and that the brush could not pick up a lot of product from the pan. However, I didn’t have any such issues, in fact I felt my blush was very pigmented.


The last thing I got was the lipstick in Oxblood. I wanted a nude lipstick, but I will admit it’s a little too nude for me. But whenever I add even the tiniest amount of any color, it’s the perfect nude for me.



So that’s sums up my initial thoughts and reviews on each of the products. I hope you all have found this helpful.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Lots of love till next time! xoxo


2 thoughts on “MAC Cinderella, MAC Bao Bao Wan & MAC Toledo – Review

  1. Thank you for the very informative post! I have long been wondering if I should buy the MAC oxblood lipstick, but I have set my mind on doing so now. Thanks again!

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