Make up Revolution Malaysia ~ Review / MOTD

Hey my beautiful people!

I am super excited about this particular post today, since it is about make up!

Today we will be looking into Makeup Revolution products! I received a courier on the weekend and wanted to try it out before I give my reviews on it.

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Makeup Revolution is a UK based brand that has recently been launched in Malaysia. I clearly remember back in August 2014, I was in the UK and was going through the aisle of Super Drugs and spotted Makeup Revolution there. However, almost everything was sold out, which explains that these products are very much high in demands!


Okay so for all the products I have received are the following:

– Give them Nightmares eye shadow palette

– Awesome Double flick liquid eyeliner

– Blushing Hearts in

– Lipstick in “Rebel with cause”

– Salvation velvet lacquer in “Keep lying for you”

Such pretty packaging!


Now let’s me show you all the products in details:



Lovely colors!


First and foremost I have to talk about the pigmentation of these eye shadows, absolutely love them. There are shimmer shades as well as matte shades, 12 are shimmery and 6 are matte. I love the fact that they are not patchy at all. I have swatches of the eye shadows without any primer. When you look at the palette from far away, they might feel like the colors looks a little like they are being repetitive. But trust me once you swatch them and try them out, they are completely different. The only one thing I was I could change was, I wish we had a matte highlighter shade instead of the white. But then again, this eye shadow is so pretty that you can use it as a lid eye shadow. And I did apply this a little bit on the brow bone.



My favorites of all! The Mattes!!




No girl can ever have enough of black liquid eyeliner, weather it’s a thin flick one or the felt pen thick type one. The reason this eyeliner completely wins me over is because it has dual sides, where you can choose if you want to draw thin or a thick line. It makes its perfect to create perfect winged eyeliner too. You can use the thin side to draw the outline and really sharpen your flick and use the thick side to fill it in.

Love multipurpose products!



Okay for me, one of the most important things my make up routine is the blush/highlighter step. It can take your make up from looking flawless to too much. Always be careful when using your blush, sometimes they are so pigmented that we don’t realize it until we apply it. However, with this blush I can assure you it is such a foolproof blush! You cannot go wrong with it. Another thing I love about this blush is when you apply it; you don’t need a highlighter separately to add some dewiness to the skin. It’s already done for you!

Beautiful hearts make me happy!



I love dark colors especially for the winter times, even though in Malaysia we don’t have winters. But I feel like these months are the best for dark colors. And if you are doing simple eyes, you can always add a bold lip color. It is really rich in pigmentation. I would always advice you to use a lip liner with dark colors.

Beautiful color!



One of the top trends nowadays is having matte lips. And those are my favorite. They are easy to apply and very long lasting. I love this shade since you can use it on a natural make up to add a pop of color or you can also wear it for a night out look. It does take at least 2 minutes to dry, but once it is dried it will stay on until you don’t take it off. They do not feel dry at all on the lips.

IMG_6445_Fotor_Collage 1
Love Matte lips!


That was all about my review and now I would like to share one of my MOTD with you all using all of the products mentioned above.

For my MOTD, I have used the following products:



  • Used DEPRAVITY on the lids
  • Used I AM WATCHING YOU in the crease and outer corners
  • Used DEPRACITY on the inner lower lash line
  • Used DARKNESS on the outer lower lash line
  • Used WHITE NOISE on the brow bone
Its all about the eyes! 😉



  • Used Blushing Hearts on the cheeks as a blush and highlighter as well


  • Used REBEL WITH A CAUSE on the entire lips
  • Used KEEP LYING WITH YOU on the center of the lips
The MOTD !


So my dearest friends, this was my review and my MOTD for today, I will be coming up with more MOTD using this palette so make sure you follow me on my instagram, which is linked below.


INSTAGRAM: samu292


And If you wish to purchase any of the products I have mentioned earlier, the website is linked below and for more information on Make up Revolution Malaysia, you can click on the links below.




INSTRAGRAM: makeuprevolutionmalaysia


I would like to thank you Make up Revolution once again for letting me try out their make up products.



Hope you had fun reading this post! Lots of love till next post! XOXO








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