Beautyoat – Collagen Plus+Oat Drink ~ REVIEW

Hey there beautiful people!

First of all Happy New Year! Hope this year turns out the best one for all of you! I thought what a better way to share my first post of 2015, which is featuring something I love! Please let me introduce you Beautyoat.


One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast, we all know that. But for a person like me who sleeps really late, I find it a little difficult to actually have a good healthy breakfast “on time”!

Let me tell you a little bit about Beautyoat. It is a Collagen plus + Oat Drink Formula. I love oats but I was never a fan of collagen since I never liked the taste of so many brands that I have tried. However, this changed my mind completely.


It contains Marine collagen with sakura extracts. It has been formulated in Korea and has been the first collagen plus oat drink in Malaysia. It has natural ingredients, which makes its safe for you to have it daily.


One box has 18 sachets, which are of 30 grams each. And super easy to make!

To make the Beautyoat, you just need to follow three easy steps!

  1. Pour the Beautyoat mixture into your favorite mugDSC_5886
  2. Pour warm water around 180 ml (Avoid adding hot water. So what I like to do is put on the kettle for around 40 seconds and then turn it off and pour the warm water)DSC_5888
  3. Stir well and you are done


The goal of Beatyoat is to enhance the natural beauty and is a way of controlling weight also. It contains:

Oats: which are high in fiber and great source of protein, also helps to lower cholesterol.

Marine Collagen: this does the job of keeping the skin firm, supple and elastic to avoid fine lines, wrinkles, dryness or any other sort of aging properties.

Cherry Blossom: which is also know as Sakura extract helps to keep away the flammatory in the skin, helps to whiten the skin, which results in fairer and brighter skin.

Pomegranate: My favorite fruit! It is known for being such a great antioxidant fruit, which has such low calories with high nutritional value.


Now the most important part! Time for Review!

First and foremost, the packaging! I am a person who is always attracted to great packaging. Not only its such well designed with the great color scheme, but also it provides all the information one needs! How to make it, what is it all about? And even the price.


Now about Beautyoat. As I said earlier I am not a fan of collagen, but honestly it doesn’t taste anything like collagen. It has a very nice and subtle pomegranate/strawberry milky flavor, with oats in it. The first time I tried it I had it at night, before bedtime. I felt like it gave me a great night sleep. The next time I had it in the morning, the benefit of having it in the morning is, it fills you up because of the oats, and you are not hungry for a good amount of time.

I have been having this for almost 2.5 weeks now. Not having it everyday since I am travelling and I tend to forget, but I have seen some significant differences. First of all, my skin feels much more moisturized.Secondly my skin feels fresh and radiant. I have noticed if you have it after dinner, its seems like a great dessert substitute (which is healthier as well) and it really gives you a good night sleep. So I would definitely recommend this product to all of you who are looking out for great skin and good nights sleep! Go and order yours on


For more information on Beautyoat:





I would like to thank you Beautyoat for sending me and letting me try it!

That’s all for now, hope you all have found this beneficial! Lots of love till next post! xoxox





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