MAC Prabal Gurung Collection

Hey there beautiful people!


Once again MAC came up with their limited edition collection. This time it is the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection, which is a luxury holiday collection. Having said that, it will be pricier then the normal MAC limited editions.

The entire collection. Source: Google


I have been eyeing this collection for a long time now but was quite confused on what to get. Initially I wanted the Ultramarine Pink lipstick, the lipglass and the Coral Lumineux Cream Colour Base. However, all this time I was thinking that Ultramarine pink would be more towards a purplish shade.


So today when I went to the MAC store and swatched the Ultramarine Pink lipstick, I loved the color though it was nothing unique. And since I do have a pretty big collection of lipsticks, it was not justifiable for me to pay RM138 when I knew I might have something similar in my collection.


So the products I finally got were the Cream Colour Base in Coral Lumineux and the lip glass in Ultramarine Pink.

The packaging is classy and gorgeous!


Let’s please take a moment and appreciate the one of the most beautiful packaging I’ve seen. The Cream colour’s packaging is actually super heavy and feels great to hold in the hands. Whereas, the packaging of the lipglass is not as luxourious and quite light unlike the cream blush. It. However, it is extremely pretty to look at.

All gold everything! Love!


The Coral Lumineux is a very pretty coral cream colour that can be used on the cheeks and lips as well. It is highly pigmented. In fact a little does go a long way. I usually love using my cream blushes with a stippling brush as I feel they give a very even finish. It can be used on it own as a blush, or it can be used as a base for the blush. It can also be used on the lips. However, it came with a little note that did say that this product is not meant to be used in the eye area.

One of the best items in the collection


Such a pretty colour!


Now let’s talk about the Ultramarine Pink Lipglass. This is a very pretty purple shade. It is not as sticky as usually MAC lipglasses are. It is extremely pigmented. It can be used on it own or paired up with your favorite lipstick.

One of the perfect colour for the holiday season!


So these were my initial thoughts on the items I got from the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection. As said earlier, since it is a luxury holiday collection, they are more expensive then what you would normally pay for a MAC limited edition collection. But the packaging is definitely worth the splurge. I will be listing down the price below and will also share a picture of myself with the products on my face.




Ultramarine Pink Lip glass: RM 138

Coral Lumineux Cream Color Base: RM 249

Coral Lumineux on the cheeks and Ultramarine Pink on the lips


Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. Hope it was helpful for you. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Lots of love till next time! XOXOX



11 thoughts on “MAC Prabal Gurung Collection

  1. This particular collection is extremely gorgeous isn’t it? ❤
    Love your post! I don't know what to get for myself yet from this collection, though I'm hoping nothing is sold out yet by this Saturday 🙂

  2. Lovely post, like how your emotions for the product filter through your words.

    I will definitely ask my mom to get me this collection because of your review.

    Very well written.


  3. Absolutely luxe packaging and you know, I knew you would get this first, Samia-babe. The blush shade is gorgeous and reminds a little of BECCA’s now discontinued Tuberose. The lip glass colour might be a little hard to carry off on me but you did well with it and look a million bucks! Thank you for another MAC review so fresh out of the gates. You are the go-to MAC girl!

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