MAC Brooke Shields Collection

Hey there beautiful people!

MAC Brooke Shields Collection is finally here! This collection is something I’ve been waiting for. It definitely something that had something different apart of the usual reasons such as different packaging, limited time only …etc.

The collection had a total of around 14 products. However since I wanted the Gravitas Eye Shadow palette, I didn’t find the point of buying the Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadows.

The entire collection

The main reason why I had to get this collection was because I have not seen a MAC 15 eye shadows palette as a part of a limited edition collection. Or maybe I am just not aware.

Okay let’s get into it, as always lets start with packaging. The packaging as always catches my eye. This time around it is all about grey and orange. Loved it. I felt like it is worth the price if looked at the packaging.

I got three products:

~ Gravitas, Eye Shadow Palette

~ Cherished, Cream Color Base Duo

~ Gospel, Lustre Lipstick

Grey and Orange – Unique!
Loving it!


Let’s start with the palette. I have just started collecting MAC make up more then usual just recently and I tend to focus more on the limited edition products. So talking about permanent eyes shadows, I only have 5 to 6. So for a person who doesn’t have a lot of MAC eye shadows, it will be great for you. But do keep in mind half of the colours are permanent colours. So you can buy them if u don’t like the whole palette. In my opinion, I actually love the colours. There are different finishes, which are Satin, Matte, Frost, Veluxe Pearl and Velvet.

Absolutely beautiful

The best part of the palette is I can make it a to go palette, since it can be used for a day make up or night make up too. One colour that I was really disappointed with was Carbon. I have seen such beautiful blacks in other brands that this one turned me off so much. It is powdery and not opaque at all. On the positive side it is perfect to use for shaping your eyebrows with a little bit of brown or grey.

Loved the choice of selections of colours

Let’s move onto the Cream Colour Base Duo. This has to be my favorite product of the entire collection. The pigmentation is gorgeous. They blend in so well and can be used on lips, cheeks or eyes. I used it as a cream blush and on the lips and loved it. It would be great for the eyes if you need a strong base. Fantastic!

Didn’t know I would love this the most!
Great pigmentation

The last product is the lipstick in the shade Gospel, which has a lustre finish. So I am mostly a “matte” or “highly pigmented” lipstick lover.But I have to admit it is a very pretty and unique colour. Its something that is out of my comfort zone, but then it is always good to step out of your comfort zone. It is a beautiful rich burgundy colour. I already have Vino from MAC, which I have already spoken about on my blog earlier. That is a very dark rich wine color. With fall season being around, dark lips are back again! So if you are someone who would want to have dark lips look, but scared to go with something too dark, then I promise you this are the best one for you. It is really sheer, you can build it up as per your liking.

We can never have enough lipsticks!


Below are all the swatches of all the products:

Swatches of the eye shadows (first 2 rows)


Swatches of eye shadows (last row) and the Cream Colour Base


Swatches of the lipstick


That’s all for now my beautiful people. Hope you found this interesting, and helpful. Lots of love till next time! XOXO


2 thoughts on “MAC Brooke Shields Collection

  1. I was waiting for some news from you about this collection and it is one of the rare occasions where I am interested in a MAC L.E.
    I think it’s because of the fact that there is a palette and I have a palette addiction. I see some very wearable neutral colours in there that I would like for a daily look. What’s the RRP of this palette?
    You never let me down, dear Samia, for being first out of the door for the best cosmetics. Muaks!

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