MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Haul/Review

Hey there beautiful people!

I’ve been waiting for the Sharon & Kelly Osbourne collection since I heard it was launched in the U.S. However I knew I would have to wait till the collection comes here to Malaysia.

The Sharon and Kelly Osbourne collection (Credit-google)

So it is finally here! Perfect time for us all of us who are celebrating Eid/ Hari Raya, we get to try out new looks for the occasion.

The collection is out and selling pretty fast, so make sure you grab your favorite pieces soon!

One thing I loved about the collection was the color schemes that were selected for the packaging. Even though I ended up getting more stuff from the Kelly Osbourne collection, since I felt I would use more of those items, however I loved Sharon Osbourne collection much more.

Lovely Packaging

Packaging wise, I am quite impressed with it. I don’t feel like the plastic is cheap or whatever (that what I heard so many people complaining about in the reviews). I actually love the fact that MAC limited edition collections always add such a spice to my little make up collection.

Beautiful vibrant colors!

Lets start with the Eye shadow quad I got, since it’s my favorite in the entire collection. From Sharon’s collection, I got the Duchess Quad, which included Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Femme Fatale and Embark.I absolutely loved this eye shadow quad since it has all neutral colors but can be used to do a Smokey eyes too.

Highly pigmented colors

Now the blush from Sharon’s collection is called Peaches and Cream, which is in Satin Finish. However, when you think of “Peaches and Cream” in a blush color, you would think it would be something in peachy tone. This is a very pigmented color with a mid tone rose hint to it. It turned out to be my favorite blush of the collection.

My favorite blush

On to Kelly’s collection, the first thing I picked out was a blush. This one is named Cheeky Bugger, which is in satin finish as well. This I would say is like a peachy color, which would look lovely on really fair toned skin. It was light for my skin tone. It would be great for everyday really light make up look. But I have to mention, it looks much lighter in the pan. When applied to the skin, its much more noticeable.

Pretty everyday color

The next product is the Penultimate eyeliner liquide in Rapid black. This is a felt tip eyeliner, which I was always hesitant to try out. When I saw this, it clicked me that it’s probably a good time that I give this type of eyeliner a try. And to my surprise I was pretty impressed with it. It glided on smoothly and last all day. Though I would like to mention that it do get a little messy around the eyeliner pen. And in my personal opinion its not the easiest eyeliner to get a winged eye look with. But for regular simple eyeliner, it’s great.

Long lasting and Easy to apply

Last but not least, its Kelly Yum Yum, which has a satin finish. This is my favorite product from Kelly’s collection; it is very similar to Candy Yum Yum. I just feel Candy Yum Yum is more of a neon pink, while Kelly Yum Yum is such a pretty pink color that is totally wearable!

Such a pretty pink

I’ve created a look here to share with you all. I have applied Sexy Eyes on the entire lids, then applied Embark on to the crease and outer corners. Femme Fatale was used as a transition color and Sweet Eyes was used under the eye brows to highlight the area. I have used Peaches and Cream as a blush and Kelly Yum Yum on the lips.

The completed look

That’s all my loves. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! Lots of love till next time! XOX



8 thoughts on “MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Haul/Review

  1. I beg to differ, Samia! “…my little makeup collection” is definitely an understatement ;-p I went to have a look at the collection a couple of nights ago and although I was so attracted to the blushers from both Kelly & Sharon, decided not to buy them yet. Maybe I should… judging how fast each LE from Mac is selling. Another great haul, informative tips & flawless makeup as usual.

    XoXo ~Laura

    1. Hahaha! It really is little! If you want to get them, please do it soon. Went to klcc today and was very surprised to see the Blush from Sharon’s collection sold out already since its only been 2 days of being launched. Even the eyeliner is sold out. So babe hurry babe. The blushes and the eyeshadow quads are great and must have!

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