Michael Kors “SEXY” Collection Haul/ Review

Hey Beautiful People!

Source: MK website


I was extremely happy to see that Dubai International Airport were selling Michael Kors Make up at the Duty Free.

The make up line was launched just recently, and I must say I love how it is categorized into different categories. They have three collections:




I liked the “Sexy” collection since I feel like it had more of the shades I would use, as compared to other collections.

White and Gold! 

I picked up the SEXY bronze powder in FLUSH and the SEXY Lip Lacquer in BOMBSHELL.

The shades I purchased

I absolutely loved the packaging. All the products came in a white box, which I find absolutely beautiful. Then the products itself comes in a regal casing in the hues of gold.

White packaging makes me happy!
Very Sleek Packaging

Okay let me quickly review these products for you.

The SEXY Bronze Powder in FLUSH:

I absolutely love this. However, I cannot use this as a bronzer at all. Its too pink to be a bronzer, but it makes a beautiful blush or highlighter. Also the fact that you are getting so much product, is always a plus point.

Bronze Powder in Flush

The SEXY Lip Lacquer in BOMBSHELL:

When I swatched it on to my hand, it gave an impression of a very sheer lipstick. But when I did apply it on to my lips, turns out that it has a very pretty opaque color. It does have a bit of a shine to it. That is the reason why it does not have a great long lasting power. But because the color is such a pretty one, I had to grab it. It is something very different and I do not have anything like that in my collection. It is in between of red and pink. It does have moisturizing feel since it has Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

Lip Lacquer in Bombshell

Overall, I am impressed with all the collections. I like how every collection is different and diversified. If you had a chance to grab one of the products I would definitely recommend the Bronze Powder.

Below I have done a few swatches, so you can have a look at what the colours looks like.

The swatches
The swatches
My look using the Bronze Powder in Flush and the Lip Lacquer in Bombshell


If you are interested in purchasing any of the items, just click on the link below:

 Michael Kors 

That’s all for now my friends, hope you found this interesting and beneficial. Lots of love till the next post. XOX


7 thoughts on “Michael Kors “SEXY” Collection Haul/ Review

  1. Omgosh Michael Kors! Been dying to get my hands on the bronze powder since forever but sadly they don’t have the makeup collection here 😦 Thanks for the review Samia dear, it was really good to see someone shed some light on the products 🙂 ❤ Much love! ❤

    1. Aww! Thank you Shivani babe, you can find these at most of the duty frees. I’m sure KLIA will come up with it soon, otherwise I’m travelling soon to Dubai. Let me know if you want me to grab it for you. Miss you loads ❤

  2. Thank you for sharing …. will definitely try flush bronzer…. do share application tips too… regs

  3. So nice to have your expert opinion on these! The packaging is gorgeous and the colours are perfect. I really like Bombshell on you – I didn’t expect it to be so vibrant and it looks so smooth. You do know your colours – they look great on you.

    1. Thank you babe! Yes It is something that will catch your attention for sure. Bombshell did surprise me too, once I applied it on myself. Trust me, it will look great on you too. Its sheer yet you can have an opaque look by layering it. Lots of love! ❤

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