MAKE UP FOR EVER “Aqua Collection” Workshop / Review




Hey there Beautiful People!

Time for yet another make up workshop! But this wasn’t any ordinary make up. It was a workshop on Aqua Collection by Make Up For Ever. Which is waterproof make up that lasts the entire day without the need of any touch ups.

Image“The Aqua Collection for Summer 2014”


Okay let’s look at the insight of the workshop that took place at the Make Up For Ever boutique in Starhill, Bukit Bintang.





“The beautiful colors of Aqua Collection”

It all started with Mr. Stanley Wong (Make Up For Ever – Malaysia, Brand Manager) giving an introduction speech and telling us briefly about the Aqua Collection.

 Then Jason Ooi (Make Up For Ever – Malaysia, Education & Artistry Executive) started telling us in details about the collection. He then did an application of the Aqua collection on the left side of the models face, whereas the right side was X brand make up application.

 After the make up application was over, he sprayed water on the face, to test the power of waterproof make up. And to my surprise the results were amazing. On the right side of the face (X brand makeup application), the entire make up started smudging and sliding down the face which created a mess. Where as the Aqua Collection was still in the place, untouched.


“Jason Ooi doing the make up application, followed by spraying water to test weather the make up is waterproof or not”


We were given all the entire collection to play around with. Myself & the girls tried out the different products from Aqua Collection. The Make Up For Ever girls helped us throughout.



“The BEFORE look of all of us”


“Such vibrant colors!”



“The girls enjoying the workshop”




“The products used to achieve my look (below)”



“In love with the colors!”



“The AFTER look of all of us, after the workshop”

Lets look at the products and learn a little bit about them.



“Time for the beautiful summer parties with the best selection of waterproof make up”


Firstly, Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara:

This mascara has a voluptuous shape that makes it easy handling. The thick elastomer fibers of are twisted so you can stretch the lashes while separating them at the same time. Promises volumizing and lengthening effect.




Secondly, Aqua Cream:

 These can be used as eye shadows or as body paint as well.  Some of the colors can be used as blush or on lips as well. It has filmogenic polymers for flawless water resistance. A high concentration in pigments and pearlisers for vibrant, brilliant colors.


Thirdly, Aqua Liner:

These consists of high stability of a waterproof and smudge proof quality. It has water resistant formula, which is in aqueous gel texture, which is fresh and easy to apply.


Fourthly, Aqua Lips:

These are the lip liners that never need touch ups and promises to be a long wearing formula. It is also waterproof with a high concentration of pigments, which is the reason to the ultimate coverage. These can be used alone or under a lipstick/lip gloss.



Fifthly, Aqua Rouge:

These are high in pigment concentration, give out amazing coverage and are super water- resistance. They are easy to apply and very long lasting.


Last but not least, Mist & Fix:

This is a spray that has the tendency to make the make up last longer. It is enriched with nasturtium extract. And is quick drying.



The prices of the following products mentioned above are: 

Aqua Smoky Extravagant-RM100

Aqua Cream-RM100

Aqua liner-RM95

Aqua Lip-RM80

Aqua rouge-RM100

My thoughts/ Review of the products:

– Lets talk about the Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara, since that turned out to be my favourite of the entire collection. The mascara is not only waterproof but also the amount of length and volume it gives to the lashes is pretty amazing. You can see the difference below.



“The right eye is with the Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara”

– Now on to the Aqua Liner, I love the colors of the eyeliner with the sparkles in them. Which girl doesn’t like a little sparkle on the eyes? The only issue I had was with the applicator, I always prefer the one with a brush applicator. However, that being said the colors minus out all the negative parts. Such beautiful colors that I had so many people spotting me in a crowd and asking what eyeliner I am using. Two thumbs up!

– The Aqua Lips is another product that won my heart! One of the smoothest lip liners I’ve own. They glide on like butter and do not dry out your lips whatsoever. Love love love!

– Mist & Fix is something every girl should have. No make up bag is completed without this spray! I’ve tried to at least 4 times before giving my reviews because I felt like its maybe next time it won’t work out so well. But I was proved wrong every time. Whenever you are out for the entire day and you need to touch up, don’t do anything and just spray this. Not only your make up looks fresh, but also it also allows it to last longer and also leaves your face feeling so fresh!

– Now on to the Aqua Rouge. My first impression was not good at all about this product. But as they always say “First impression is the last impression”. This is one product that does feel like its will dry out your lips drastically however that’s the case just for 60 seconds. There’s a specific way you should work with this product according to me. Apply the lip-gloss and wait for a minute and then apply the clear gloss on the top. After that, there’s no dry feeling nor sticky. Go ahead drink or eat, it will not move from the original place. I have to mention it’s not my favorite out of the collection however, a must try for those who do not like re applying the lipstick.



“My type of look with the products from Aqua Collection!”

All the details of Make Up For Ever is listed below:

Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique
Level 2, Sephora at Starhill Gallery
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 53200

Tel: (03) 2148-5593

Official Website:

That’s all for now my friends, hope you found this post both fun and beneficial. Lots of love till next time. 🙂




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