MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection / Review

Hey Everyone!


The wait is over. Finally Alluring Aquatic Collection is out from MAC! The collection was launched on 1st June in Kuala Lumpur. I did manage to grab a few of the items and fell in love with them instantly!




Let’s start with the packaging. This has to be one of my favourite collection from MAC so far. I love the colour and texture of the packaging. Super Adorable. They have water like droplets on the top of the packaging.



I managed to get a total of  5 make up items and 1 make up pouch. Let’s start with the pouch. I just love how the pouch is exclusively designed for this collection. Same colour and texture. The best part it is a pretty spacious pouch. You can keep quite a few items in the pouch. 


Now let’s look at the Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder, in the shade Aphrodite’s Shell. I love how of these have a 3D effect. Now for this bronzer, it is very light for my skin tone to be use as a bronzer. However, it works beautifully as a highlighter. It does have a little shimmer in it, so if you are looking for a very subtle highlighter, then pick this one up!


On to the Extra Dimension Blush in Sea me, Hear me. What a beautiful colour of this blush. It is super pigmented and long wearing. It does have shimmer to it as well but very subtle, nothing too over powering. I like the fact you can wear this without the need to use a highlighter.


Now onto Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in the shade Lorelei. Very pretty neutral gold shimmer shadow, that can be used for both day look and night look. This is pretty shimmery as well. If you like something neutral for the eyes but still looks good this is a perfect shade for all skin tones.


About the eyeliner, I got the shade black line. Now here is where I got a little confused weather I really like it or not. It’s a super creamy eye liner, love how it glides on so smoothly. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is that it has glitter in it. It looks beautiful but I can feel like I can see more of the glitter then the actual colour. Which isn’t what I usually like. If you are someone who loves smudgy eyeliners, this will work well for you.


On to the last but not least, the lipstick. I got the cremesheen lipstick in the shade Mystical. This is probably one of the best nude lipstick for me after my Rouge Dior Nude in 663. Mystical is definitely more of a brown nude, but it’s a gorgeous colour for my skin tone.


Here are all the swatches below:


So this is what I got all from Alluring Aquatic Collection and below is the price list:


Make up Pouch:                                            RM 100

Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder:              RM 115

Extra Dimension Blush:                                RM 88

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow:                     RM 75

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner:                        RM 74

Cremesheen Lipstick:                                   RM 75



I would also like to share the look I created using all of the products from this collection and also few others of my favourite products to achieve this look.



And that’s it my lovely readers for now. Lots of love till next post! 🙂


8 thoughts on “MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection / Review

  1. wow! you have almost everything! what a great haul! ❤ At first i wanted to get the extra dimension bronzer too but ended up took the bronzing powder in refined golden (i have noooo idea why I can't make up my mind).haha. the collection is so worth to get in hand. ❤ Love your haul so much! + your make up too babe!

    1. Aww thank you babe! You yourself do such amazing make ups too!
      I was really confused as well. But the packaging really got to me. I am really happy with the products. Just the eyeliner was just okay. Otherwise thumbs up. Go treat yourself some more before it’s all gone!

  2. Just bought the Aphrodites Shell after a neverending bronzer search for my pale skin and i am IN LOVE! It is the perfect color for me and im even considering going back to stock up before theyre all gone, this collection was awesome!

    1. Hey! I know I really like some of the things and wished they were permanent items. You should definitely stock up on the bronzer, as finding the perfect bronzer always takes forever!

  3. Hello #shadesofsplendour

    It’s great to have you back! 🙂 As you already know, I look up to your advice when it comes to investing in makeup. Flawless look as ever and I look forward to seeing more post. A tutorial perhaps?

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