MAC Stroke of Midnight Lip Bag: Violet

Hello there beautiful people!

I am back with a review and a mini tutorial for all of you out there. This time it is “MAC Stroke of Midnight Lip Bag: Violet” 

It is a limited edition from the holiday collection. It is still available at the MAC stores in Malaysia. 

What a great combination of the products and the pouch!

Let’s have a look at the pouch and the items included. Limited-edition black Stroke of Midnight pouch features a chic graphic white pattern, elegantly edged with gold piping.The pouch itself is an awesome addition that we are getting. It can hold up to 10 jumbo sized eyeshadows pencils or many more eyeliners / lip liners. I love the detailing of the pouch. It can be used as great pouch when going out for dinners that can carry all of the basic things you would require.

Now onto the products,It Includes sumptuous shades of Cremesheen Glass in Art of Seduction, Lipstick in Dark Deed and Lip Pencil in Vino. 

  • Dark Deed is described as a “darkened blood red (Amplified finish).”
  • Art of Seduction is described as a “cool nude with gold frost.” 
  • Vino is described as an “intense violet purple.”

Let’s have a look at the swatches below.


Now time for a mini tutorial. Before starting off, I would highly suggest having a concealer on the lips before applying any dark colour. So here, I have done my entire make up except for the lips. 


The close up look of the “concealed/powered lips”

We will start by lining our lips with VINO and we will also fill in the entire lips with VINO. Reason to doing so is, the lip colour will last much longer and will prevent “bleeding” the colour out of the lips.


After applying VINO

Then we will apply DARK DEED on the entire lips like I have done so. Now it is entirely up to you, if you want you are done with the look.

After applying DARK DEED

But I wanted to go a step ahead, and I decided to apply ART OF SEDUCTION just to the centre of my lips to give a “volumizing” effect.



The complete look with VINO, DARK DEED and ART OF SEDUCTION

Here is the completed look, I have provided a before and after look. No wonder they say “Lipstick is the most powerful tool in your make-up bag!” Now we know why!

Before and After

Now for my final thoughts, I really like the whole concept of providing 3 items together for such bold and dark colours. When you have such dark colours, you definitely need a lip liner to stop the colour from the outlines of the lips and you also need a lip gloss to add shine or to tone down the colour a little bit. However, I would like to mention I was a little put off with VINO. I wasn’t too happy with the consistency of the lip liner, I did find it a little drying and leaving “patches” on my lips. Apart of that, it was a HIT for me! Absolute love the colour, combination of the three products and the packaging!

This is what I thought about the products, and their features. 


That’s all for now my dearest friends, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! Lots of love till next time! XOXO


6 thoughts on “MAC Stroke of Midnight Lip Bag: Violet

  1. Great tutorial, Samia! You really rock this dark plum combo and it’s not an easy colour to get away with. Instead of vampy I think it looks very chic on you. You are so good at this…and did I mention how you have the most perfectly-shaped lips for lipstick. More tutorials please!!

    1. Thank you so much babe. You really know how to make anyone’s day! Thank you for all the compliments and making me smile. The colour is difficult but it’s beautiful once you have applied it. And you should definitely give it a try. I love this holiday collection at MAC. If you are interested in pigments, go check out this collection. So worth the price! Hope to see you once I’m back in town!

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