Review on Cyber Color Eco Nail Polishes

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays. Had no clue how this month passed by! Seems to be one of the best months of the year for me. 🙂

So I have another nail polish review to share with you all. This time I’ll be talking about the Cyber Colors Eco nail polishes. 


The base coat protects natural nails from discoloring, yellowing and chipping. Helps grow stronger and healthier nails. It is called “ECO Oxygen Base Coat” and the number is 03.


There are 2 nail polishes I have reviewed. One of them is called “Pistachio” and the number is 24. And the other one is called “Cotton Candy” and the number is 17.

One glitter nail polish that I have used is called “Glitter” and the number is 59.


The top coat It contains up to 85% of bio-sourced raw materials from the plants. And is free of Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, Camphor, and Phthalic Acid. It is called “ECO Glossy Gel Look” and the number is 01.


Now lets me show you the step by step application that I have chosen to do. 

These are my nails without any polish, please excuse my nails as I have just gotten my acrylic extensions removed recently.


These are my nails, after one coat of the base coat. Already looking so much better!


Then I decided to use “Cotton Candy” on 3 nails. 


After that, I thought of applying Pistachio on the remaining nails. 


If you like your nails this way, you can stop here and apply the top coat. But I went a step ahead and applied “Glitter” on my ring finger to give it an extra touch.


After allowing the glitter nail polish to dry for a while, I then finished off by applying the top coat to make my nails more shiny and also to make the nail polish last much longer.

And there you go that is my final look! I absolutely loved these colours and very happy with how these nail polishes actually turned out to be very long lasting and chip resistant. I removed my nail polish with no difficulties (including “Glitter”) after a total of 10 days. Till then they were perfectly fine. 

These nail polishes are sold at SaSa Malaysia stores and their prices are very reasonable.

The prices are:

ECO Oxygen Base Coat RM 21.90
Pistachio RM 19.90
Cotton Candy RM 19.90
Glitter RM 19.90
ECO Glossy Gel Look RM 21.90

Go there you go my dearest friends. Go to the nearest SaSa Malaysia stores and grab your favourite CYBER COLORS ECO nail polishes.

If you need anymore information, please feel free to go through the website linked below.

Cyber Color Website

SaSa Malaysia facebook page

SaSa Malaysia Website

That’s about it my dearest friends, hope you all enjoy this review and lots of love till next time! Happy Holidays!


*These products are given for review however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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