November Favorites

Hey there beautiful people! It’s almost the last month of 2013, time flies! Since December is just round the corner, I thought why not share my favorites for the month of November.

These are my absolute current favorites that I use on a daily routine. Lets have a look at them.


Nanowhite Infinity Light Beige Color Correction Cream SPF50 


I’ve tried a lot different types of BB and CC creams. None of them seems to be working. However, for some reason this cream turned out to be my absolute favorite. It gives you a medium coverage, which covers any minor imperfections you have. It definitely brightens and moisturizes the face. It will also reduce your fine lines and wrinkles. And most importantly it has SPF 50.  My shade is Natural Beige. I prefer to use it before I leave home in the morning or afternoon, it gives an even tone plus sunscreen protection too!

Maybelinne Volum’Express the Mega Plush Mascara


Who doesn’t like mascara that gives you volume to your lashes without clumping them together? This one is amazing. It will separate all the lashes and give an instant volume. After applying this, the lashes do not feel flaky or brittle. However, this is still not available in Malaysia yet, and I got it from U.K. So all of you mascara lovers out there, keep an eye out for this baby!

Tarte Cashmere Waterproof Gliding Liners


If you are looking for a waterproof liner that doesn’t smudge and give you panda eyes, then this liner should essentially be a part of your make up bag! They glide on very smoothly and its one of the best waterproof liners I’ve tried. Even you can go for a swim yet this liner will not move from its original place. This was a part of “Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Collection” from Tarte. Though you can buy it separately too.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer


Since I possess extreme dark circles, I would not prefer to use this as a sole concealer. But this product so far turned out to be best when used as a luminator under the eyes. It does brighten up the area very well. I usually use it above my concealer. But I would suggest you to set it with some setting powder.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque


This is not any ordinary hair masque. You need to try it to know how amazing it is. Since I have quite silky hair, I don’t  prefer to use hair masque or conditioner. But this masque will not make your hair greasy at all. It is enriched with Macadamia and Argan oil. It leaves your hair super smooth for days! This product is also not available in Malaysia. However, I believe there are some websites from where you can purchase this.


So these were my favorites of the month! Hope you enjoyed the post, any questions? Please leave them in the comments below.

That’s all for right now my dearest friends, hope you enjoyed reading this post! Lots of love till next time! 😀



6 thoughts on “November Favorites

  1. I love LOVE the Macadamia deep repair masque! I didn’t even apply hair balm / serum but I remember how silky smooth my hair was for days after using them 🙂 such a shame that it not available here

  2. I’m so amazed by the Nanowhite CC too. It’s like magic how it turns from white to a colour that matches my skin. I have it in a Light Beige and I love just squeezing it out and seeing how it tuns as I rub it. As you can see, I’m easily amused.
    Too bad for us that some of your favourites are not available locally – honestly, a little piece of me dies when I hear that each time on someone’s blog because it means that I can look but not touch.
    These brands should really put us on their release maps – there should be more than enough beauty addicts in this town alone to keep them in profit. Everyone I meet is beauty mad in this part of the world.

  3. What a fantastic list! I’ve been lusting after the Macadamia Masque for ages. You lucky girl you! I’ve heard their Flawless is amazing as well! Why why why is it so difficult for brands to get on board with Asia?!

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