Jacqueline Burchell’s Fuzz Balls Review

Hey there beautiful people! Hope you are having a great week. So this is going to be my first ever nail lacquer review. Super super excited! So lets dive in and see what we have to look at today.

We will be looking Jacqueline Burchell’s Fuzz Balls collection. The one I have reviewed is “Sensational Pink”. What a pretty explosion of different shades of pink in the shapes of tiny balls!

So this is what the packaging looks like. Absolutely loved it!

4    6

There were 2 nail lacquers and 3 shades of fuzz balls, and a small stick that has a pointed end and a slanted end.


The colours of the nail lacquers are the following:


And the fuzz balls colours are these, aren’t they so pretty?


Before we start applying the nail lacquers and the fuzz balls, I would suggest to use a base coat.


Now here, I have applied the two shades of nail lacquer in whatever order I wish too. I have applied one layer of each.


Then after applying the second coat (slightly heavier coat) I would quickly take one shade of the fuzz ball and gradually sprinkle over the nail. I would suggest keeping a paper underneath or a box to collect the extra balls. I would also say make sure you work really quickly, since the nail lacquer does dry really quickly.


I did use the stick to pat down the fuzz balls on to the nails. So this is how my nail looks once done.


You have to repeat the same steps with the rest of the nails.I would definitely advice you to apply a top coat to secure all the cuteness safely on your nails.

And VOILA! My nails are done! My favourite one has to be the purple fuzz balls which is on my ring finger. It does take practice and patience to get the perfect results.


Overall I loved this collection and whoever loves playing around with different textures for nail lacquers need to give this collection a chance. The only one thing I would definitely like to mention is that these are for events. I would not use these on a everyday basis. Another thing is you will need to take extra care of your nails when you have this particular collection on, and as long as you have a good top coat on you are good to go!

This collection is available in:

Bustling Blue

Glittery Red & Gold

You can visit their website and see more of the amazing collections they have.


That’s all for right now my dearest friends, hope you enjoyed reading this post! Lots of love till next time! 🙂

* These products were given for review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


2 thoughts on “Jacqueline Burchell’s Fuzz Balls Review

  1. These are cute but I would worry about the balls falling off into my drinks or food LOL. Are these balls easy to remove later on? I love glitter polish but that’s a pain to remove.

    1. Hahaha yes babe, I was scared about that too! Actually once they are on your nails, they are pretty much tightly secured. So that wasn’t an issue. Yes I love glitter nail polish too, however I think Sally Hansen nail polish remover does the wonder babes! Try it out!

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