Too Faced <3 Sephora Make up Review

Hey there beautiful people!

First of all, I am extremely sorry for being away for so long! Now that I am back, I shall be reviewing some super cool products I got recently from different categories!


Today we will be looking at the make up palette “Too Faced ❤ Sephora”. Before we move on, let me tell you this is a palette available only at Sephora. It is a collaboration of Too Faced and Sephora celebrating 15 years of beauty together.




Now lets hop on to this beautiful palette!

Lets start with the packaging, absolutely love it! The black and white strips represent Sephora with the logo of Too Faced on the top.  It is a tin box. It is neither bulky nor heavy and travel friendly as well.




One thing that palette has got, which I haven’t seen in other palettes is the Glamour Guide. It is a guide depicting 15 different looks and with details on how to apply the make up. I think this is pretty awesome especially for beginners who loves make up.




Talking about the make up, this palette consists of 10 eye shadows, 2 bronzers, 1 blush, 1 brush and one miniature eye shadow primer.




The colours of the eye shadows are extremely pigmented. There are soft colours for daytime looks and dark ones for nighttime look.  There are 8 eye shadows you can put on the lids where as one crease colour called “Behind the Counter” and one highlighter called “Piano Keys”. My favourite colour at the time being is “Jer Jer” for the lids. It’s a gold colour that can be worn at day or night.




On to the blush and bronzers. The coolest thing is one of the bronzer “Chocolate Soleil”, which actually smells like chocolate when applied to the face! How cool is that? So all the chocolate lovers out there, I am sure you will enjoy this! The “Chocolate Soleil” is a matte bronzer where as “Sun Bunny” is a shimmer bronzer. I usually use “Sun Bunny” as a highlighter. The blush is a highly pigmented pinkish blush, which I believe is one of my favourite for the time being.

The brush provided seems to be a soft one with a rectangular shape, and can be used for the bronzers rather then the blush. The “Anti-Crease eye shadow primer” has been one of the best selling product from Too-Faced and now I understand why. It is a great primer and definitely holds up my shadows in place.


Here I have done all the swatches on my hand for you to have an idea.



Over all I loved the palette. The colours turned on beautifully on the skin and it is definitely a long lasting make up. It lasted me all day long. I have created a daytime look for you. If you would like to have a tutorial on this look, please leave a comment below!





So thats about it my dearest friends, hope you enjoy reading this post as much I enjoyed it! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Too Faced <3 Sephora Make up Review

  1. So excited to be able to meet you twice in the space of one week and find that you’re super nice, beautiful and absolutely great at makeup. Sharon was not lying – you are an artiste!
    This is a gorgeous palette – I love the idea of the chocolate-scented chocolate powder! I used to wish that cocoa powder was makeup – now this is the next best thing!

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