The Lilac Box 3 Review

So, this was my first ever subscription to a beauty box, which was Lilac Box 3. Starting with the concept of beauty boxes, I feel they are very useful and lots of fun as well. Especially for people like me who love to try out new things, but wouldn’t consider buying the product without trying it out for sometime.

Price of The Lilac Box 3 was RM 49.90 (delivery fees included).


Now as for this particular beauty box, I LOVE IT! To start with the packaging, love the fact they used a “brand less” box, which can be great for reusing for many purposes. May it be for storage or for gifting it to someone with goodies!


Now, the box includes 7 items which were:

  • BABOR HSR Lifting extra firming cream
  • BABOR HSR lifting extra firming eye cream
  • MAX FACTOR Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum
  • PAYOT Pate Grise
  • PHYTO Botanical Relaxing Balm
  • YVES ROCHER Rose Fraiche Shower Gel
  • SEE BY CHLOE Sample size Perfume

Let’s start with the BABOR creams:


  • BABOR HSR Lifting extra firming cream:

The face cream is a pretty good one. It does moisturize really well, though I feel it takes a little more time to completely absorb into my skin as compared to other face creams.

  • BABOR HSR lifting extra firming eye cream:

The eye cream did a pretty amazing job. Didn’t take that long to absorb and it does moisturize, brighten and tighten the eye area pretty well.

Now on to MAX FACTOR Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum:


So there were 2 shades available in Light Ivory 40 and Natural 50. And each color has 5 sachets each. So there is a total of 10 sachets. I am glad they sent two color shades, which are very universal colors. The Natural 50 turned out to be my perfect match!  It does have a scent to it but nothing too overpowering. However, the finish was pretty matte. I would definitely recommend using a moisturizer underneath.

The next product is the PAYOT Pate Grise :


Now this product is supposed to dry mature Minot spots overnight.WOW! That’s sounds amazing. However, to be honest I did not try this product as yet. So only after I try it out I shall be able to give a review.

Now on to the next product which is the PHYTO botanical hair relaxing balm:


Okay this without fail, is the best product in the box! I am in love with this balm. It gave the most amazing finishing results. It didn’t make my hair greasy whatsoever, which was my main concern as I have super silky hair! All you have to do is apply it to damp hair and blow dry your hair. You will end up with the softest hair ever !

Now onto YVES ROCHER Rose Fraiche Shower Gel:


Okay so if you want to smell amazing or to be more accurate “floral”  during and after the shower, then this is for you ! It has a beautiful scent and does lather up pretty well. However, its does not soften your skin as such. So you would want to keep that in mind. Otherwise amazing smell that lasts all day long!

Last but not least, SEE BY CHLOE Sample size Perfume:


My second favorite product in the box! Love the scent!! A MUST BUY! The scent is a mixture of  floral, musky and woody. But its one of my favorite scent now. The staying on power is awesome, lasted all day for me.

So there you go friends, that’s all for the review. Overall I loved the box ! Hope you have enjoyed! 🙂


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